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Welcome to Fond Travels, your vacations and tours buddy! Founded in 2017, we have carved a niche in the travel industry over the past years and emerged a favorite for scores of travelers looking for a blissful sojourn with superb savings.

Our wide range of travel products and services offerings such as flights, hotel reservations, vacation packages, airline tickets and other travel-related needs have helped thousands of people to travel the globe while making all of their bookings under one roof. No worries of making reservations at multiple places because we bring the ease of convenient booking from the cozy confines of your home and office without ever going anywhere else, and that too with great affordability suiting your budget.

We bring you the magic of travel and adventure by helping to explore the unexplored. We are committed to offering the very best while ensuring great savings so that your dream trip is convenient, hassle free and easy on your pocket.

We have a robust team of highly-skilled travel experts with decades of experience in the travel industry. They are at your service 24/7 each day and night to help you find and book cheapest flight tickets, accommodations and holidays whenever you want. Give a call to one of our travel experts or email your request at info@fondtravels.com right away. We will find you the best available discounts so that your travel experience becomes all the more enriching, rewarding and fulfilling.

Great vacations make sweet memories. And, with Fond Travels the joys of an incredible journey begins here!

Fond Travels FPP (Flight Promo Program)

You can easily be a part of our unique promotion program under which Fond Travels provide you with a unique promo code that can help you save several bucks every time you book your flights with us.

So What You Have To Do!!!

Simply subscribe to Fond Travels Flight Promo Program by using your name, contact, and email through our newsletter and be the one to get the Flight Promo Codes and discount coupons on priority.

Wait It Is Not Over Yet!!!

To apply the discount or promo code. You must complete your flight bookings over the call with us by hitting

Our Toll-Free:- +1-888-270-0071

So, you see, booking discounted flights was never so easy. Call us now and save more.

Fond Travels Flight Search Engine - How To Use It To Find Suitable Deals?

Our flight search engine is one of the best flight booking tools present online. The flight booking tool had been developed by taking several factors into consideration. Some of which are:-

  • The tool must be simple, clean and must come with friendly ui.
  • The flight search engine must be that much responsive so that it can be accessed on most of the screen sizes without any hassle.
  • A passenger must be able to complete the booking in less than 5 clicks.
  • The flight search engine must display at-least 100 flights for the search you passenger performed. So that you will be able to compare, and book the suitable flights in a single go.

Use Fond Travels Flight Search Engine

  • Simply select your departure and destination pairs.
  • Select a one-way or round-trip journey along with dates.
  • Select number of travelers and fare class.
  • Now click on “search”.
  • You will see more than 100 flights on your screen as soon as the results will load.
  • Now you can filter the flights by clicking the tabs labeled as “recommended”, “fastest”, and “slowest”. That may change the flight fare as well.
  • You can use more advance filters present at the left hand side of the flight search result page labeled as:
    Stops - that lets you select the number of stops for your flight
    Price - adjusting this will display the flights between the fare slab selected.
    Times - that lets you select the flight as per the departure and arrival time you need.

By default our flight search engine will display the recommended flights that will be the cheapest and the most suitable as per the search you performed. Modifying that may result in increase or decrease the flight fares.

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