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United Airlines Introduces Live Weather Maps for Flight Delays

United Airlines has announced a new feature to keep travelers informed about flight delays caused by weather conditions. The airline will now text passengers live radar maps live radar maps via text to provide real-time evidence of weather disruptions.

"With more people traveling this summer than ever, we wanted to give our customers an easier way to stay connected to real-time information about their flight, and texting was the simplest solution," said Jason Birnbaum, United's Chief Information Officer.

Despite clear skies at a passenger's location, weather conditions hundreds of miles away can affect flights. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) can issue ground stops, preventing flights from departing to avoid overloading airports. Additionally, adverse weather can force flights to take longer routes, causing delays in both departures and arrivals. Sudden thunderstorms, which are harder to predict than major weather systems like hurricanes or winter storms, can further complicate flight schedules.

To address these issues, United Airlines is leveraging generative AI to send passengers links to live radar maps from FlightAware, a flight-tracking platform. These updates will include information on other potential flight disruptions, such as mechanical problems or airport congestion.

This new technology will be tested during the July Fourth holiday period. United Airlines anticipates a record number of travelers, with 5 million people expected to fly between June 28 and July 8, marking a 7% increase from last year.

According to FlightAware, nearly 942,000 U.S. airline flights, or 21.4%, arrived late in the first half of the year, slightly improving from the 22.3% in the same period last year.

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