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Air France Cancellation Policy

Air France Cancellation Policy

Thursday, April 08, 2021

Canceling flight reservations is not a delightful moment for anyone. However, people are sometimes forced to do it because of certain extraordinary and emergency situations. When making your next reservations it will be indeed great for you to know about Air France cancellation policy beforehand to enjoy a blissful booking experience. Let’s understand this policy. But before knowing, it’s important for you to learn what it would be like to fly with the airline.

Air France is the national carrier of France. It was founded in 1933 and headquartered in Tremblay-en-France. Renowned for offering remarkable services to its customers from around the world, Air France is currently serving over 200 destinations, including 35 domestic destinations, in more than 90 countries worldwide with the help of its impressive fleet of 234 aircraft. A founding member of the leading global airline alliance SkyTeam, the customers making Air France reservations have the flexibility to travel in Economy Class, Premium Economy, Business Class, or First Class.

What is Air France Cancellation Policy?

Air France offers its customers flexibility to cancel their reservations whenever need be or forced by circumstances. Air France flight cancellation can be done before departure. The airline has formulated its cancellation policy considering the plight of its customers.

The customers can look forward to taking advantage of the airline’s convenient cancellation rules. They can cancel their reservations within 24 hours of the original booking date and get a full refund for this. The cancellation during this timeframe is free and the customers won’t have to pay any charges whatsoever. However, the customers will need to pay a cancellation fee when the tickets are canceled after the expiry of 24 hour period.

Air France 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Air France 24 hour cancellation rules allow the customers the option to cancel their flights with a 24 hour period of the original booking time. Under the Air France 24 hour cancellation policy, the customers can cancel their reservation within the stipulated time without paying any cancellation fee on the same day of booking. The risk-free 24-hour cancellation policy is also advantageous for the customers as they will be getting a full refund for this as well.

It may be noted that the customers who try to cancel their flight bookings on the same day but before midnight then their accounts will not be debited with the amount. However, the customers who cancel their tickets within 24 hours of purchase along with the condition of after midnight will be getting the refund amount credited with deducting any cancellation fee.

Air France Cancellation Fee

Air France cancellation fee to be charged from the customers will vary and depend on multiple factors. Some of the important factors affecting the Air France cancellation charges include the route, ticket type, departure point, destination, departure date, and the number of tickets purchased. Air France will, however, waive off the cancellation fee in case the customer provides a genuine reason for canceling the flight, such as the death of an immediate family member, health problems, etc.

If the customers cancel their reservations after the lapse of a risk-free 24 hours timeframe then the airline will charge a cancellation fee. When the tickets were booked 2 days prior to scheduled departure and canceled then the customers will have to pay between $45 and $125 as a cancellation fee.

What is the Air France cancellation process?

Air France provides different options to its customers for canceling their reservations. The tickets can be canceled through both online and offline methods.

The customers have the convenient option to cancel their tickets online by visiting the official website of Air France and logging into their account. They will have to click on the ‘Booking’ button and fill up the booking details in order to retrieve their travel details from the list of reservations. After finding their reservations they will have to initiate the cancellation process after selecting it and clicking on the ‘Cancel’ button. They will have to give their final confirmation to complete the online cancellation process. After the ticket cancellation is confirmed the customers will be sent a confirmation message on their email. The customers can also place a request for a refund with the airline, if eligible. The refund amount will be credited to the customer’s original mode of payment usually within 10 business days. The refund amount will however be given after deducting the applicable cancellation fee.

There are various offline methods through which the customers can initiate their Air France ticket cancellation process. The customers can place a request for canceling their tickets by directly calling the Air France phone number and talking to the airline’s reservation department. This is one of the best and convenient ways to get your ticket canceled. The helpful customer support representatives are available 24/7 and will promptly help you to cancel the tickets on your behalf.

The customers can also cancel their tickets by visiting the Air France self-service kiosk or the ticket counter at the airport. They will be required to provide their travel details, such as booking reference number, etc., for getting their tickets canceled..

What happens when Air France cancels flights on its own?

Sometimes the customers are in a fix when Air France cancels their flights on its own, which may be due to some malfunction or unavoidable reasons. Such situations are indeed worrying. However, Air France takes care of its customers in these situations and doesn’t leave them in the lurch. If Air France has canceled the flight on its own then the customers of that canceled flight will be provided a refund, and the compensation amount to be paid can be up to $540 as per the cancellation policy of Air France.

If the flight was canceled by Air France on its own then the customers will be provided various amenities, such as meals, drinks, transportation from the hotel to the airport, accommodation, and the privilege to customers for contacting the people of their choice twice through phone or email.

In case the customers are flying from Europe and their flight got canceled by Air France then the refund can be claimed till the first six years after the date of the particular flight. This condition for refund will be applicable only when Air France flights will be departing from Europe.

How to cope up when Air France flight is delayed?

Delays cannot be avoided in air travel. And, Air France is certainly no exception. There are occasions when Air France flights get delayed. This leaves the customers in quandary. There is no cause for worries and such situations can be efficiently handled. The customers can make the most of the situation. They should make it a point to store their travel documents safely as these may be needed to submit a compensation claim in the event of flight cancellation or delay.

Air France provides compensation to the customers when the flight is delayed. For this, they will first need to visit the airline’s ticket counter at the airport and inquire about the reason for the delay. You may also request a written document attesting the cause of the delay if the airline agrees to provide you. If the delay is for at least 3 hours then you may ask the airline for providing you with a meal and refreshment. The airline might provide you a food voucher that can be used at one of the restaurants at the airport. Apart from the meal, the airline must also allow you for making up to two phone calls for making the arrangements. Once you have reached your final destination then do remember to check the length of the delay. If the delay is of more than 3 hours then there are high chances for you to get entitled to flight delay compensation.

Air France has a beneficial cancellation policy for its customers. If you are still having any concerns or travel-related issues then you may directly call Fond Travels Air France experts to get your problems resolved promptly with some of the best solutions.

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