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Emirates Cancellation Policy

Emirates Cancellation Policy Complete Guide

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Flying with Emirates is a fabulous experience in itself. This one of the world’s fourth-largest and fastest-growing airlines is the flag carrier of the UAE and operates out of its primary hub at Dubai International Airport (DXB). Passengers booking Emirates flights have the flexibility and convenience to seamlessly connect to more than 157 destinations in 83 countries across six continents with over 3,600 flights per week through its impressive fleet of 270 Boeing and Airbus aircraft. If you are planning your next travel with the Middle East’s premier airline then it’s important for you to know about its different policies, of which Emirates cancellation policy is a must. But before we understand and study the cancellation policy, it’s pertinent that we also have detailed information on Emirates travel classes and their offerings.

First Class: Emirates offers two types of first-class cabins – A fully Enclosed Suite with a ceiling-to-floor door and a Private Suite with doors that close but don’t extend to the ceiling. The closing doors ensure privacy in both suites. The amenities offered in the first class suite includes a coat rack and storage space, a mini-bar, a 32-inch-wide LCD screen in the fully enclosed suite and a 23-inch-wide LCD screen in the private suite featuring the state-of-the-art ICE in-flight entertainment system, and a 79-inch seat that can be converted to a 2-meter-long fully flat bed in both suites. The fully enclosed suite is being offered in Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, while the private suite is offered in 3-class Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A380-800 aircraft.

Business Class: Emirates is offering Business Class cabins on its Boeing 777-300ER and Boeing 777-200LR aircrafts featuring seats with a 60-inch pitch that reclines to 2-meter-long angled lie-flat beds. Among other amenities include a 23-inch-wide HD TV screen for in-flight entertainment, an RCA socket and USB ports for laptop connection, an in-seat power supply, an overhead light, two individual reading lights, winged headrest with six-way movement, privacy partition, and massage function. The business class seats on Airbus A380-800 aircraft are equipped with personal mini-bars and recline to form a fully flatbed. The business class passengers are also offered access to an onboard bar located at the rear of the aircraft.

Premium Economy: The Premium Economy is being currently offered only on Airbus A380 aircraft, and will be also installed on Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. Emirates is also planning to introduce a Premium Economy cabin on its first Boeing 777X at around 2025. The Premium Economy cabins will be featuring the Recaro PL3530 seats.

Economy Class: The Economy Class seats offered on Airbus aircraft come with a seat pitch of 31-32 inches, while on Boeing aircraft the seat pitch is 34 inches. The Economy Class seats prominently feature in-seat laptop power outlets, a 3,000 channel ICE in-flight entertainment system, and adjustable headrests.

What is Emirates Cancellation Policy?

Flight ticket cancellation is one of the most common things faced by many air travelers which may be due to several reasons. Accordingly, travelers have the flexibility to do Emirates flight cancellations in the easiest way. The passengers will though have to follow the rules and restrictions as prescribed by Emirates for canceling a flight ticket.

Emirates 24 hours Cancellation Policy

If you have booked a ticket with Emirates and want to cancel the reservation due to some reasons then you can take advantage of Emirates 24 hours cancellation policy. This can be done by making a request for cancellation for the Emirates reservations made within 24 hours of original booking of the ticket and on the condition that the departure date must be beyond seven days from the purchase date. This is a risk-free policy and the passengers will not be required to pay any cancellation fee when the cancellation is done within 24 hours time frame. However, if the ticket is cancelled after the 24 hours period has passed then the passenger will have to pay a cancellation fee. A full refund is allowed on refundable tickets and will be done as per Emirates fare and cancellation rules.

How to do Emirates Flight Cancellations?

Emirates manage booking option allows the hassle-free cancellation online by visiting Emirates official website. Online cancellation is allowed only when the reservation has been done through the airline’s website. The passengers will have to make cancellations through the ‘Manage My Booking’ section by entering the last name and six-digit booking reference. However, Emirates frequent flyer program Skyward members will have to log in with their credentials on the airline’s website for cancelling their existing reservation. As soon as the flight reservation cancellation process is completed the passengers will be sent cancellation confirmation in their email. The refund, if applicable, will be made as per Emirates cancellation policy to the original form of payment in at least 7-10 business days.

How much amount is to be paid as Emirates cancellation fee?

The passengers are provided both refundable and non-refundable fares for each class of service by Emirates. The refundable fares are always priced higher as compared to non-refundable fares. The Emirates cancellation fee for the refundable fare is $200 when the reservation is cancelled beyond 24 hours risk-free cancellation timeframe. The remaining value of the airfare would be paid as a refund to the original form of payment and the amount would be processed within 7-10 business days.

The cancellation fee for the non-refundable fee is also $200, and the cancellation must be done within 24 hours. The remaining airfare balance will be refunded to the original form of payment and the amount would be processed within 7-10 business days. However, if the cancellation of non-refundable fare was initiated beyond 24 hours then any refund will not be processed by Emirates, and the ticket value will instead be converted into points which can be later on redeemed for making a new Emirates flight booking.

The important highlights of Emirates cancellation fees are as follows:

  • A $250 cancellation fee will be charged when a booked flight is cancelled 45 days before departure
  • The passenger will be charged 30% of the ticket price as a cancellation fee when the booked flight is cancelled between 44 and 31 days before departure
  • The passenger will be charged 50% of the ticket price, including taxes, as a cancellation fee when the booked ticket is cancelled between 44 and 21 days before departure
  • The passenger will be charged 60% of the ticket price, including taxes, when the booked ticket is cancelled between 30 and 15 days before departure
  • The passenger will lose the value of his/her ticket and 100% of the ticket price, including taxes, will be charged when the booked ticket is cancelled between 44 and 20 days after departure

If the Emirates flight was however cancelled because of bad weather or any emergency situation then the Emirates cancellation fee will be waived in that case, and the passengers can opt for the full refund to their original mode of payment, or a credit voucher against the ticket value will be issued by Emirates.

Emirates Flight Change and Refund

According to Emirates flight change and refund policy, the airfare to cancel or change flight will vary depending on the departure dates that are the peak. The passengers are not allowed by Emirates to change the name, and when doing so it will be treated to be a cancellation of the existing reservation. If the passengers make changes to their itineraries within 24 hours of the original booking and when the departure of the flight is 7 days or more then the airline won’t charge any change or cancellation fee. Moreover, when making changes or cancellations within 24 hours of the original booking then the passengers will be provided a full refund to their original form of payment, and the refund amount will be processed within 7-10 business days. The change or cancellation can be done both online and over the phone by calling Emirates phone number, and the refund amount, if applicable, will be processed accordingly. If the flight tickets have however been booked through travel agents then the changes or cancellation will have to be made only through them.

The refund will be made on successful cancellation within seven business days on the same credit card or debit card used by the passenger to purchase Emirates tickets. The preferable mode of payment can also be selected by them for receiving back their refund on the refund form. In case of involuntary changes such as serious illness or death of passengers etc, a refund for non-refundable tickets can also be made by the airline. This will be done after submitting proofs and relevant documents as required by Emirates. A refund will be allowed only for an unused ticket, and an additional fee may apply.

If you want to seek more information about Emirates cancellation policy then you can always reach out by calling Emirates phone number at Fond Travels +1-571-389-6426. You will be promptly provided details regarding cancellation fees, refunds, and compensation for your flight tickets.

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