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Lufthansa Phone Number

Customers have always remained a top priority for Lufthansa, Germany’s premier carrier and one of Europe’s largest airlines, which is currently serving 19 domestic destinations and 220 international destinations in 78 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa. The airline has been providing top-notch services to its customers making it a wonderful flying experience for them. Lufthansa has been consistently focusing on quality considering it as one of its strategic cornerstones and conducting regular surveys so that the customers’ needs are fulfilled to the best possible extent through its innovative offers. It’s no wonder that over the years flying with Lufthansa has become more attractive than before.

If you are planning to fly anytime soon with this leading airline then call Lufthansa phone number for flight reservations and look forward to traveling with this popular airline that fervently believes in customer centricity and quality focus. Undoubtedly so, you will be at an advantage when you choose to fly with Lufthansa as it understands the needs of the customers even better and ensures a luxurious travel experience.

What are the benefits of dialing Lufthansa contact number?

Lufthansa is one of the major airlines in Europe and thrives in providing great customer service. However, when it comes to contacting the airline’s office over the phone then it sometimes becomes difficult in getting through Lufthansa contact number. The reason being that since Lufthansa is a popular airline it keeps on continuously receiving a large number of phone calls from the customers thus making the wait inordinately long and tiresome. However, notwithstanding the long queues and several hours of wait, it will be highly beneficial for you to dial Lufthansa contact number. And, the long wait is surely worth it. In fact, most customers want to contact Lufthansa customer service by the phone hoping that they are going to be promptly helped by someone whenever facing any flight booking-related issues.

There are several reasons why the customers prefer to dial the Lufthansa customer service number. Take a look at some of the top reasons for which the customers reach out to the airline to get their travel issues promptly addressed and resolved.

Updates about availability of lowest fares Lufthansa has been constantly offering the lowest fares to its customers. The airline’s reservation call centers play a great role in keeping the customers updated about the latest fares over the phone. Even the customers also take advantage to call Lufthansa reservation agents to seek information about the availability of the lowest fares and request to make the flight bookings on their behalf. The Lufthansa reservation agents also ensure that the customers are provided a range of fares to fulfill their needs as per budget. While quoting the lowest fares, the airline also informs the customers about other applicable fees, taxes, and charges.

Notifying about known delays, cancellations, and diversions: The Lufthansa customer service number is of great advantage when it comes to notifying customers regarding known delays, cancellations, and diversions. The customers are notified as soon as the airline becomes aware of any such changes within 30 minutes. The customer will be informed by the airline by phone, SMS, or email. The airline will try to accommodate the customers on the next available Lufthansa flight or on any other Star Alliance member airline with available seats when the cancellations or delays are of more than two hours. The customers are therefore expected to provide their phone numbers and email address whenever making a reservation with Lufthansa, or signing up for flight status notifications on the airline’s website.

Allow phone reservations to be held without payment for up to 24 hours: Lufthansa phone number is of great use when booking flights. The customers are allowed by the airline to hold a reservation made over the phone directly with Lufthansa’s telephone reservation center without any payment for up to 24 hours. Moreover, the customers are also allowed to cancel their reservation without paying any penalty charges up to 24 hours after the reservation was made, and when the flight’s scheduled departure was 7 days or more away. This also applies to cancellations done through the airline’s official website, at Lufthansa’s reservation center, or at the airline’s airport ticket counter.

Get prompt ticket refunds: The customers can call the Lufthansa reservation center over the phone to place a request for refunds after the cancellation of their tickets. All eligible tickets will be issued refunds by the airline within 7 days of making credit card purchases and within 20 days for making purchases through cash or check. Lufthansa will also refund any fees charged to the customers for the services paid for but unutilized in the case of a flight cancellation or oversell situation.

Baggage delivery information: Lufthansa makes sure that the bags of the customers travel on the same flight and promptly delivered to them on reaching their destination. However, there are some situations when the bags are missing, delayed, or remain unclaimed. The airline takes extra care and makes its best efforts in locating and returning the bags to the customers within 24 hours or less if the baggage is tagged with a name, address, and valid contact information. In the case of international flights, the airline may take a longer time for returning the missing, delayed, or unclaimed baggage because of the flight duration, frequency of flights, and customs and immigration procedures. If the customers are faced with such situations then they can make use of the Lufthansa customer service number to get their baggage located and handed over to them. The customers will, however, be reimbursed for any fees associated with the transportation of lost baggage. The customers may also choose to file a claim for missing, delayed or unclaimed baggage by filling out a Customer Property Claim form at the Lost & Found Office at the airport. Whether the customers want to seek information regarding the status of missing baggage, interim expense reimbursement, and baggage liability limitation then they can contact Lufthansa’s Baggage Call Center over the phone.

Handling requests to properly take care of disabled and special needs passengers: Lufthansa is responsive to customers’ needs and provided them a comfortable travel experience. The Lufthansa phone number plays a crucial role in handling requests to take care of and provide assistance to disabled and special needs passengers, including tarmac delays. The employees of the airline are fully trained in handling the needs of such passengers. The lounges have been designed for accommodating the needs of disabled passengers and unaccompanied minors at Frankfurt and Munich airports. The customers can also make inquiries and seek information from the Complaint Resolution Officials at Munich, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, and U.S. airports. Moreover, the flight crew also makes the best efforts to properly respond to the needs of disabled and special needs passengers during lengthy tarmac delays.

What are the other reasons for which the customers call Lufthansa over the phone?

Some of the important reasons have already been discussed above. There are many other reasons too for which the customers choose to dial Lufthansa over the phone. There are many customers who find it difficult to make changes, cancellations, or get refunds. As such, the airline’s customer support is needed when making requests for changes or cancellations over the phone. There are lots of customers who prefer to contact the airline’s staff to inquire about the slow refund procedures. The customers also find it necessary to call the airline over the phone when they fail to receive their booked tickets or confirmation of their itinerary changes. Among other reasons to call Lufthansa over the phone include advance seat reservation, check-in, flight status, rebooking, seat upgrades, and many more.

If you have any travel-related issues then you can always call Fond Travels Lufthansa 24 hour customer service number at +1(571) 389-6426. You will be provided prompt assistance and the best solutions to your flight bookings and other issues.

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