Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club Complete Guide

Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club Complete Guide

Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club Complete Guide

Those who frequently fly with budget carriers know how beneficial it is for them. People get the opportunity to travel to distant destinations comfortably, conveniently and affordably. Flying with Spirit Airlines, USA’s 7th largest carrier and North America’s 8th largest commercial airline, has its own advantages. This leading ultra-low-cost carrier offers efficient connections to more than 77 destinations across the United States, Central America, Latin America and the Caribbean. The most preferred airline for business and leisure travelers, Spirit Airlines also attracts families and large groups in a big way with its astoundingly low fares. Spirit Airlines is renowned for offering two types of fares – Standard fares and $9 Fare Club fares. Frequent travelers already know about these and take advantage of them as well. However, if you still haven’t heard about $9 Fare Club then it’s important for you to know all about Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club. It’s simply worth it. By becoming its member you stand to benefit immensely

What is Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club?

The $9 Fare Club is often termed by Spirit Airlines a “pretty sweet deal”, which offers exclusive access to the members with some of the lowest airfares in addition to discounts on baggage. Spirit Airlines also offers special deals to $9 Fare Club members from time to time resulting in huge savings on overall travel expenses.

Despite it being named $9 Fare Club, the members aren’t offered $9 fares actually. The $9 Fare Club membership will instead allow you to book up to 8 passengers on a single reservation at the lowest fares available when purchasing tickets online through Spirit Airlines official website. The members are offered discounts on baggage when paying for them online as well as special deals on various occasions.

Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club Fees

To join the Spirit Saver$ Club, the members will have to pay only $59.95. The Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club fees can be paid by the members in three different options. These are as follows: (i.) 12-months for only $69.95, (ii.) 18-months for $99.90 (save $5), and (iii.) 24-months for $129.90 (save $10).

The members can initially join the $9 Fare Club for a year after paying a $59.95 fee. If you however don’t want to become a member then you can purchase a 2-month trial membership by paying a $19.95 fee. In order to ensure that the members continue to enjoy savings, Spirit Airlines will be automatically renewing the membership every year for 12 months at $69.95 unless it is canceled by the member himself/herself. Spirit Airlines will however remind the members a month before renewal that their credit card on file will be charged. During the reminder the members will also be informed about their savings benefits as well that come with Spirit Saver$ Club membership.

Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club membership joining process

If you want to become a member of $9 Fare Club then a form needs to be filled out by visiting Spirit Airlines official website. The basic information to be filled out in the form includes name, date of birth and email address. A password will also need to be created. The contact information, the nearest airport and the billing information are required to be entered as well. By submitting all the relevant details, the customer will be enrolled as a $9 Fare Club member.

For all those who missed out on becoming a $9 Fare Club member by skipping the online process, the $9 Fare Club membership can also be obtained at the time of booking after selecting the enroll option. In fact, the customers who are already a member of the airline’s FREE SPIRIT frequent flier program will be eligible to become a member of $9 Fare Club. However, if an account hasn’t been created yet then the airline will automatically create an account for the customers when enrolling in the $9 Fare Club.

How can Spirit Saver$ Club membership be used?

The Spirit Saver$ Club membership can be utilized as soon as it is signed up and the member becomes eligible for it. The members can immediately start enjoying savings on their travel when booking online. If a search for flight is started by a member on the airline’s website then the Spirit Saver$ Club pricing options for the travel dates will be displayed on the Flight Availability page. The members will benefit by saving on standard online bag prices every time they purchase bags online.

Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club benefits and advantages

The members of Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club can benefit greatly by purchasing airfares and bags. Here’s how you can stand to gain by making savings and comparing it with what other customers get.

You can expect to enjoy savings of about $9 on special airfare rates and even more by being a member of the $9 Fare Club. Whenever searching for flights the $9 Fare Club routes can be easily spotted on either the weekly or monthly calendar view. You will however have to be quite flexible when choosing the flight dates in order to take advantage of maximum savings.

The $9 Fare Club membership is especially beneficial for those who are traveling with a large group or a large family. The $9 Fare Club savings can apply to a customer and up to eight additional customers booking for travel on the same itinerary. There’s a huge potential of saving a few hundred dollars depending on the airfare and all the baggage fees. This is where you stand to gain immensely by getting the real value and savings through the $9 Fare Club membership. For example, if each customer was saving on one carry on and one checked bag for a roundtrip flight then a saving of $36 per passenger per round trip can be made. The savings of $324 will therefore be pretty huge for nine passengers traveling on the same reservation. This therefore means that the $9 Fare Club membership is of some serious value with significant savings indeed.

Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club Carry-on bag savings

During online booking: Standard Fare -- $35 & $9 Fare Club -- $26
Before online check-in: Standard Fare -- $45 & $9 Fare Club -- $36
During online check-in: Standard Fare -- $45 & $9 Fare Club -- $36
Airport, group desk, reservation center: $55
At gate: $65

The customers who fly frequently with Spirit Airlines frequently can expect to save $18 on a carry-on bag on roundtrip flights on a consistent basis.

Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club Checked baggage savings

During online booking:
1st bag: Standard Fare -- $30 & $9 Fare Club -- $21
2nd bag: Standard Fare -- $40 & $9 Fare Club -- $31
3rd through 5th bag: Standard Fare -- $85 & $9 Fare Club -- $76

Before online check-in:
1st bag: Standard Fare -- $40 & $9 Fare Club -- $31
2nd bag: Standard Fare -- $50 & $9 Fare Club -- $41
3rd through 5th bag: Standard Fare -- $95 & $9 Fare Club -- $86

During online check-in:
1st bag: Standard Fare -- $40 & $9 Fare Club -- $31
2nd bag: Standard Fare -- $50 & $9 Fare Club -- $41
3rd through 5th bag: Standard Fare -- $95 & $9 Fare Club -- $86

Airport, group desk, reservation center:
1st bag: $50
2nd bag: $60
3rd through 5th: $100

At gate:
1st bag: $65
2nd bag: N/A
3rd through 5th: N/A

The $9 Fare Club members will be able to enjoy a saving of $9 across the board for checked baggage fees.

How can Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club membership be cancelled?

If you ever decide not to be a member of $9 Fare Club and want to cancel it then Spirit Airlines offers you the option to cancel the membership. For this you will need to visit Spirit Airlines official website and log in to My Account page. After you have selected and clicked on the Cancel Membership tab the cancellation will be under process. You will receive a confirmation email from Spirit Airlines regarding the cancellation within 24 hours. However, if you are no longer a member of $9 Fare Club after cancellation then Spirit Airlines won’t provide you access to its ultra-low Spirit Saver$ Club fares and member-only bag savings. The airline also won’t refund or pro-ate the membership once it has been cancelled.

For more information regarding $9 Fare Club membership, flight deals and discounts you just need to give a call on Spirit Airlines phone number to get your queries and concerns resolved promptly. Look forward to enjoying super savings whenever flying with Spirit Airlines.

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