Spirit Airlines Refund Policy

Friday, March 05, 2021

Spirit Airlines Refund Policy

Spirit Airlines is a leading ultra-low-cost carrier in the United States, and is greatly preferred by budget-conscious travelers. The airline’s popular “Bare Fare” business model provides the customers the much needed flexibility and affordability to take a business or leisure trip without any hindrances. Widely acclaimed to be one of the cheapest airlines ever, flying with Spirit Airlines is a great experience indeed and always easy on the pocket. Spirit Airlines' impressive network of more than 77 destinations helps the customers get easy access to different parts of the USA, Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean without spending a fortune.

For all those planning their next vacation or business tour, flying with USA’s 7th largest carrier and North America’s 8th largest commercial airline is surely a fascinating experience. However, what if when there’s a sudden change in your travel plan and Spirit Airlines flight needs to be cancelled. Obviously such situations do occur when people travel. The only option available then is to cancel the reservation and seek refunds. After all, why to worry when you have to face an emergency situation of canceling flights. You won’t face any loss of money if your tickets are eligible for cancellation and a refund. It’s important for you then to know fully about Spirit Airlines refund policy. Let’s see what are the rules pertaining to refund when canceling Spirit Airlines tickets.

What is Spirit Airlines Refund Policy?

Spirit Airlines doesn’t offer refundable tickets. All the tickets offered by this premier budget airline are low-priced non-refundable tickets. If the customer cancels tickets then he/she has to pay a cancellation fee. Getting a refund is almost impossible, except in special circumstances. The option of Spirit Airlines cancel flight refund is available only when the ticket is cancelled within 24 hours of original booking, or when the ticket is not used because of the death of a passenger, during or prior to the flight. Know more here about Spirit Airlines cancellation policy.

According to Spirit Airlines 24 hours refund policy, the customer will receive full amount as a refund if Spirit Airlines ticket is cancelled within 24 hours of initial purchase and the difference between the booking date and departure is 7 days (168 hours) or more. However, if the customer wants to cancel the reservation after the lapse of the free 24-hours window and it is less than 7 days before scheduled departure then a cancellation fee has to be paid. After deducting the cancellation fee the remainder balance amount will be credited to the customer’s account in the form of a credit for future travel to be made by him/her only with Spirit Airlines.

If the reservation is cancelled due to death then the deceased passenger’s kin must provide a death certificate to Spirit Airlines Guest Relations Department in the form of an attachment along with other supporting documentation through email.

Apart from the death, a refund is also made by Spirit Airlines when the customer is neither provided a previously confirmed seat or an alternative route by the airline. If the amount of reservation hasn’t been used by the customer then a full refund in full equal to the paid amount will be made. However, if a portion of the reservation amount has been spent by the customer then the refund made will be equal to the used portion.

Spirit Airlines will also provide a refund to the customers when their booked flights with the airline have been delayed for more than 2 hours. If the customer has cancelled Standard ticket or Flex Flight ticket then refund will be made to the customer’s account in the form of a Future Travel Credit, which must be used to book new tickets on Spirit Airlines only by the same customer in whose name the credit has been issued.

Spirit Airlines Refund Process

The customer can place a request for refund with Spirit Airlines by making use of different options.

Online Refund through Spirit Airlines website: The customer can seek a refund upon cancellation through the online mode by visiting Spirit Airlines official website. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Submit Ticket’ tab in the Help page. The customer is required to fill the necessary information, including the reasons for which the refund is requested. After filling the details the customer has to click on the ‘Submit’ button and by doing so a ticket will be raised for the refund process. The customer can expect to get a response from Spirit Airlines Refunds Department in 24-48 hours.

Refund over Phone: If the customer doesn’t get time to visit Spirit Airlines official website for placing an online refund request then the airline offers the option to get refund over phone. For utilizing this option the customer needs to call Spirit Airlines refund phone number and speak to the airline’s representative requesting for a refund, which will be entertained if you are eligible for the same. Requests for refund can be made over the phone at any time of day or night.

Refund via Email: The customer can place a request for refund by sending an email to Spirit Airlines. The details of cancellation and the reasons for seeking a refund must be provided by the customer in the email sent to the airline. The customer will receive a reply from the airline and the refund will be processed successfully if he/she is eligible for the same.

It may be noted that through whatever mode the refund request is placed by the customer, Spirit Airlines will be providing the refund only through the original mode of payment, if eligible.

Spirit Airlines Refund due to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has also made Spirit Airlines to formulate new policy regarding changing or canceling of flights and providing refunds. According to the new Spirit Airlines refund due to COVID rules, the customers who will be booking flight tickets by 31st March 2021 for travel will have their change and cancellation fees waived. The customer will need to visit Spirit Airlines official website and click on “My Trips” button. He/she will have to enter a name and confirmation number in order to change or cancel the flight. If the customer chooses to cancel the flight then he/she will be provided a full purchase price reservation credit in the form of a refund instantly. The Future Travel Credit thus provided can be utilized by the customer to book a new flight with Spirit Airlines only in the next 6 months for travel dates up to 9 months in the future (depending on route).

In the post-COVID phase when vaccination is already underway, the Spirit Safe Travels combination of air filtration, face covering requirements and cleaning makes flying safer for customers. For protecting the health and safety Spirit Airlines requires all the customers to acknowledge and agree to the following prior to check-in:

  • A face covering over the nose and mouth must be worn by the customer, which will be secured under the chin and have two layers of fabric throughout the journey in the airport, on the jet bridge and on the plane. Children aged under 2 years old are exempt from wearing face-covering or a mask
  • Refusing to wear a mask or face covering will be treated to be a violation of federal law and will be denied boarding, removal from the aircraft, penalties under federal law, and/or the loss of future flight privileges with Spirit Airlines
  • Neither the customer nor anyone in his/her household has shown COVID-19-related symptoms as defined by the CDC during the last 14 days, which shall include a temperature (38C/100.4F or higher), muscle pain, chills, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing and/or coughing
  • During the past 14 days neither the customer nor anyone in his/her household has tested positive for COVID-19, has had close contact with someone who showed symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19

The customers must note that all refunds made by Spirit Airlines will be subject to rules, regulations, government laws, or orders of the country in which the customer has originally purchased the reservation and of the country in which the refund is being made. The customers can always call Spirit Airlines phone number anytime and talk to a representative to help in getting them refunds or you can call on FondTravels Spirit Airlines Helpline +1(571)-389-6426

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