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EVA Air Cancellation Policy

EVA Air Cancellation Policy - Complete Guide

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Have you purchased tickets to fly to your preferred destination with EVA Air? Then you have done the right thing. The privately-owned airline with a 5-star Skytrax rating provides connections to 77 destinations in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia from its primary hub at Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport. A member airline of Star Alliance, EVA Air offers a comfortable travel experience in its five cabin classes. Duly recognized for its flight safety record, EVA Air is also known to offer various facilities to its customers regarding flight-related issues. Whether you want to book flights, know about travel classes, want to change, cancel or seek refund, EVA Air provides convenience and flexibility to take advantage of its various processes. We are here going to focus on EVA Air Cancellation Policy so that the customers are aware about the rules beforehand in order to avoid losses when canceling the reservation.

What is EVA Air Cancellation Policy?

Are you thinking about canceling EVA Air tickets? There are certain occasions when people face extraordinary situations and their travel plans go haywire requiring the cancellation of tickets. These are surely stressful moments for many travelers who really don’t know much about cancellation and refund rules. It is therefore important for you to know about every aspect of EVA Air flight cancellation rules. If you are faced with a situation where tickets need to be cancelled then it should be done in a timely manner so that you don’t have to lose much money in cancellation charges.

EVA Air 24-hour cancellation rules

EVA Air has risk-free 24-hour cancellation rules for its customers. This is absolutely one of the best ways to make significant savings without losing any amount toward cancellation charges when you have to make itinerary changes. The customers have the flexibility to terminate their travel plans by canceling their reservations without any difficulties in the cancellation process whatsoever. EVA Air allows a risk-free 24-hour window in which the cancellation of tickets can be made online within 24 hours of original purchase on the same day without the need to pay any cancellation fee. Another condition to be fulfilled for this is that the scheduled departure of the flight must be at least 7 days away when the cancellation is made as per EVA Air 24-hour cancellation rule.

If the customer strictly adheres to this rule the customer is rewarded by the airline in the form of a full refund and gets the full price of the ticket after the cancellation has been finally done. However, if you have recently made reservations and want to cancel it within 24 hours of payment but the airline will be departing later that day then the customer will need to pay a cancellation fee to the airline.

The customers must know that the cancellation is based on various factors. These include fare type and time of purchase, duration between the cancellation and departure of flight, the number of tickets being canceled, the origin of flight, the destination of flight, time of cancellation and much more.

The major highlights of EVA Air cancellation policy are as follows:

  • The customers will be given full refund when canceling booking within 24 hours of original purchase and the flight’s scheduled departure must be at least 7 days away
  • Cancellation fee will apply even if the booking is cancelled within 24 hours of original purchase but the flight is to depart later on the same day
  • Even if a typo is made by the customer when making flight reservation and the correction has to be done, the customer will be required to cancel the reservation itself and rebooking needs to be done with updated details
  • Award tickets are not permitted to be cancelled online. In this case the customer will need to call EVA Air cancellation number and talk to the airline’s representative for award ticket cancellation

The customers who cancel their reservations are allowed to place a refund request only when they have purchased refundable tickets and cancel them. If you have any concerns about flight cancellation and refunds and want to seek any kind of assistance then you need to dial EVA Air flight cancellation number and speak to the airline’s customer service agents regarding the same. They will be provided prompt help and get the best solutions for their booking issues.

How much amount is to be paid as EVA Air cancellation fee?

If the customer is planning to cancel flight tickets then he/she needs to know about the rules pertaining to EVA Air cancellation fee. The customer will be required to pay $50 as a cancellation fee when terminating travel on domestic routes. However, for canceling flights to international destinations the airline will charge $100 as cancellation fee.

What is the EVA Air flight cancellation process?

EVA Air has an easy cancellation procedure for those who want to do it online. For doing so the customers will need to visit EVA Air official website and start online cancellation process after log in to their account. To start cancellation you will need to click on “Manage Flights” button and then start the process as per the instructions displayed on the computer screen. After submitting the required details and completing the cancellation, the customers will be receiving a confirmation on their registered email address. The customers can look forward to getting refunds only when they have purchased a refundable ticket. The refund amount after the deduction of cancellation fee and other charges, if applicable, will be credited to the customer’s original mode of payment at the time of booking.

If the customers however choose not to do online cancellation then they can adopt the offline method by calling EVA Air cancellation phone number and speak to a representative of the airline and ask for assistance in making the cancellation on your behalf and getting the refund amount processed. If you have purchased EVA Air tickets from a third-party OTA and want to cancel your trip then you have to do so through the travel agency itself and pay the cancellation fee as per EVA Air cancellation rules along with the additional processing charges of the concerned travel agency.

What is EVA Air Refund Policy?

If the customer has cancelled EVA Air ticket due to any reason then he/she is eligible for a refund as well on the condition that a refundable ticket was purchased before cancellation. The customer has the flexibility to make a refund request through the airline’s website. The refund request form needs to be filled out by the customer after entering the details such as first name, last name and ticket number. The customer will need to choose the refund option after finding the canceled flight details. After the filled out refund request form is received by the airline’s reservation support team, the application will be processed. If your flight ticket is eligible for a refund and your request has been finally accepted for being processed then EVA Air is going to provide you a refund amount, which will be credited to the original mode of payment within 7 business days. The customers will however have to be patient enough as it may sometimes even take up to 2 months by the airline to generate the refund list.

The following are the important points for you to consider when placing a refund request with EVA Air:

  • If you want to avoid paying any cancellation fee and seek a full refund then you must cancel your reservation within 24 hours of original purchase and when the scheduled departure of the flight is at least 7 days away. The refund amount, if applicable, will be credited to the original mode of payment
  • Non-refundable tickets can be cancelled but not eligible for refunds, except in some cases as per EVA Air cancellation rules
  • Cancellation fee has to be paid if the booking is cancelled after 24 hours of the original purchase
  • Refunds of award tickets are not allowed to be done online. Award ticket cancellation and refund can only be made after contacting EVA Air reservation department

Now that you must be aware of EVA Air cancellation and refund policy, and the process of how it is to be done. However, if you still have any concerns then you can always call Fond Travels EVA Air live agents at +1 (571) 389 6426 to get all the required help for a seamless booking experience.

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