British Airways Unaccompanied Minor Flight Policy

Thursday, February 25, 2021

British Airways Unaccompanied Minor Flight Policy

Letting a little kid fly all alone can make every parent scary and worrisome. But it shouldn’t be a cause of worry at all as there are many airlines that have their own policies for solo travellers. British Airways is one such airline that offers an enjoyable and safe journey for your child. You just need to take a look at British Airways Unaccompanied Minor Flight Policy. By doing so beforehand you won’t find any hassles in making reservations for your child and fulfilling the conditions required at the airport. You surely need a comfortable flying experience for your child, and this is what British Airways promises.

Who is eligible to fly as unaccompanied minor with British Airways?

A child who is at least 14 years old is allowed to fly alone as Unaccompanied Minor without any adult passenger’s company on British Airways. The airline will however allow unaccompanied minors to also travel if they are accompanied by an adult passenger aged 16 years or older on the same or a linked reservation. According to British Airways children flying alone rules, for all children aged under 16 years who will be travelling alone a parental/guardian consent form must be filled out and provided to British Airways, regardless of when the reservation was made. Along with the form a copy of the parent/guardian’s current passport (or any other form of photographic identification showing a signature) should also be compulsorily attached.

What is the booking process of unaccompanied minor travel with British Airways?

British Airways minor flight booking cannot be made by the child’s parent or legal guardian by visiting British Airways official website. If you are planning to book a solo trip for your child then you need to contact Fond Travels British Airways unaccompanied minor phone number. Do remember that British Airways partner airlines may have different age limits, charges and regulations for unaccompanied minor booking. You will therefore need to check with the partner airlines directly before booking flights for your child.

According to British Airways, the unaccompanied minors travelling on their own will be booked for travel as an adult and accordingly charged for the flight tickets. They will also be expected to navigate through the departure airport and arrival airport, and also board the flight without an escort. It may be noted that though British Airways allows eligible children to travel alone as unaccompanied minors but doesn’t provide an escort service. British Airways clearly states that it can’t accept parental responsibility for the minor child. The airline also strongly recommends that the parent or legal guardian accompanying the child for drop-off should wait at the airport till the time the flight has departed and is airborne.

The parent or legal guardian must also ensure that the unaccompanied minor travelling with British Airways should carry important documents with them always during the entire duration of journey. These are the following:

  • Necessary travel documents such as valid passport, visa and proof of return travel (as required)
  • A signed British Airways unaccompanied minor consent form along with an attached copy of parent/guardian’s passport or other form of photographic identification showing a signature
  • Fully charged phones with sufficient credit and activated roaming for communicating with the parent/guardian and/or a responsible adult person who will be picking up the child at the destination airport
  • Health certificates and/or any required medication
  • A debit card or credit card for payment of any necessary expenses on board the flight. A drink service and refreshments from Marks & Spencer is offered by British Airways on short-haul flights which are payable only by credit card or debit card or Avios

For international travel, the immigration departments of some countries may require additional documentation for all children regardless of age travelling into, out of or transiting through their country. Additionally, there are specific requirements by some countries for unaccompanied children as well as for children travelling with another person other than their parent or guardian and those accompanied by only one parent/guardian. The additional documentation required may vary depending on the country. In such cases you will be required to check further details with the embassy/consulate with that country to ensure a smooth and convenient travel experience.

Important features of the unaccompanied minor consent form

The consent form for unaccompanied minors aged between 14 years and 15 years old must be completed by his/her parent or legal guardian, when travelling unaccompanied by someone at least 16 years old. If the child fails to carry the consent form at all times, or present it to British Airways representatives when requested may result in denial of boarding and flights. The consent form should be carried either in paper or digital format, such as a PDF or photo stored on a smartphone or tablet.

  • The minimum age of a child allowed to travel alone on British Airways-operated flights is 14 years. By signing the consent form, the parent or legal guardian gives permission for the child named in the form to travel unaccompanied by someone who is over 16 years old and duly acknowledge that the child will be booked to travel as an adult. British Airways shall not bear any parental responsibility of the child
  • The parent or legal guardian must understand that adverse weather or other events may occasionally result in the disruption of flight causing an aircraft diversion and/or overnight stay at, or away from, the scheduled point of departure/destination
  • The parent or legal guardian must agree that they or the relevant person named in the consent form can be contacted for arranging the child’s overnight accommodation and personally pick up the child from the airport if a flight on which the child is travelling is affected due to a disruption causing significant delay or requiring an overnight stay at the scheduled point of departure (either before the outbound or return flight). If however contact can’t be made either with the parent/legal guardian or the person named in the consent form then British Airways or a representative of British Airways must be permitted for contacting local law enforcement and/or child protection authorities for providing necessary advice and/or care
  • The parent/legal guardian or the person named in the consent form must confirm and understand that some hotel and taxi providers will require formal, written consent for the child for using their services and/or be unaccompanied when a flight is affected due to a disruption where an aircraft diversion and/or overnight stay will be required away from the scheduled point of departure/destination (including indirect flights connecting through London Heathrow Airport and London Gatwick Airport). By putting the signature on the consent form the parent/legal guardian confirms that the consent is given to the child staying in a hotel room or travelling by a taxi unaccompanied
  • Contact details of the parent or legal guardian for both outbound flight and return flight is required. This is needed in the event of disruption and the flight returns to the airport.
  • A copy of the parent/legal guardian’s current passport (or any other form of official photographic identification showing your signature, such as photographic driver’s licence, must be attached to the consent form

What is the unaccompanied minor fee charged by British Airways?

The parent or legal guardian is required to pay the adult fare for children travelling alone. In addition to the price of flight tickets, British Airways unaccompanied minor fee charged for the airline’s Skyflyer Solo service fee per child per sector, is $50 for short-haul flights and domestic flights within the UK, and $75 for long-haul flights. The parent or legal guardian must book and pay charges for the Skyflyer Solo service together with the child’s flight reservation. If this is not done then British Airways will charge cancellation and reissue fees. It is also mandatory to book Skyflyer Solo service at least 48 hours in advance of the flight’s departure time.

The parent or legal guardian will find it convenient to book British Airways minor flight when strictly adhering to the above-stated rules. Flying with British Airways will be a secure and comfortable experience for your child making a solo trip without the company of an acquaintance.

We hope the unaccompanied minor policy is crystal clear. For further clarifications, call (571)-389-6426 to talk to one of our travel experts. You can also browse through our cheap deals and fly away to your dream destination without worrying about the enormous airfares. Count on us to make your travel bookings easy!

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